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ALM Consulting propose a more efficient use of your SAP investments allowing your business to grow at a less costly rate. Whatever your Business is, you always want to be a leader in the market, optimise your production, reduce cost and increase your shareholder revenues.

ALM Consulting is not recommending to replace SAP. ALM Consulting is recommending to have better use of your yearly SAP investment, so your Business Organisation Units can focus on improving your medullar and critical Business Process.

It starts with the following key focus areas

Business Process Orchestration & Optimization

The documentation of your Business Processes is one of the link between your Business Organizational Units and IT teams in your organization. Well documented Business Processes will help IT Operations to perform their normal duties with a Business notion in mind. This is thanks to a new set of tools in SAP Solution Manager 7.2, which help to model Business Processes and incorporate technical capabilities (i.e. technical monitoring, real time transport impact analysis. As you know, IT operations has a strong impact on your Business Operations.

The smaller the gap between Business and IT operations is, the higher probability that you have a healthy Business Operations. ALM Consulting product catalogue proposes many ways to close this gap via Business Process modelling and documentation, consolidate Business & IT dashboard monitoring capabilities and IT performance and optimisation processes

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Information Technology Processes

Technology is part of our corporate and private lives more and more. Corporations relies on Technology to run their business. It is the baseline to make business.

No necessarily having the latest generation/state of the art of technology is a guaranteed of success in your business operations. It is the way you manage the technology that will bring value to the business operations. Areas as performance, size of database, parameter, work processes, operating systems and many others are key for your information technology processes therefore to your Business Process Operation.

ALM Consulting proposes many services in the area of Information Technology monitoring, optimization and improvement of technical parameters

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Compliance and Security

It is not a secret that hackers are exploiting companies vulnerabilities to make profit or simply to cause damage and business operation disruptions. Your business process operations need to be secured and protected.

Threats to disruption operations do not come from outside sources exclusively. Business Operations could easily be compromised simply for a wrong assignment of security access to your employees. This is the reason why it is important to have a strong Segregation of Duties procedures and tools in place to guaranteed proper access are assigned. International Organisms and Governments are constantly introducing and updating regulations in the market. One example of it is Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This make it even more important to have security procedures in place.

ALM Consulting proposes you a good Compliance and Security approach supported by market best practices. You can learn more about it at ALM Consulting Catalogue.
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