SAP Basis

Administration of your system landscape is key to run your business operations. In this topic, ALM Consulting offers many services related to the tuning of your systems, such as Kernel updates, spool system checks and analysis, SAP Archiving, SAP System Security and Compliance, Operating system optimization, Memory Parameters analysis, Performance Analysis and many others.

  • Kernel updates
  • Spool system checks and analysis
  • STMS (Transport Management System)
  • Landscape Management & system copies
  • Client Management
  • SAP housekeeping jobs setup & monitoring
  • SAP Earlywatch report analysis
  • SAP Archiving setup
  • SAP memory parameters management
  • CCMS (Computing Center Management System) set-up and management
  • SAP Language management
  • Load balancing control and adjustments
  • SAP System Security and Compliance
  • SAP ERP System Upgrades and Migration
  • SAP Database
  • SAP Landscape Management
  • Operative System Optimization
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